The GlenDronach Tawny Port Finish Aged 15 Years, 46% ABV

Color: a reddish, almost purplish hue of amber reflecting the dark red wine influence of tawny port.

Nose: red and brown fruits (raisins, figs and red berries), malt, oak, and subtle spices and minerals that must be coming from the tawny port pipes in which the whisky spent its last maturation time before bottling.

For my friends who attend many tastings, I can state unequivocally, no banana!

Palate: It is hard to say what is appreciated first, the rich fruits (raisins, figs, plums and red berries) or the gentle spices (allspice, clove and cinnamon). A bit of dark chocolate and dark fruit clings to the palate on the way to a long and rich, but not overbearing finish. The whisky reflects a tawny versus a ruby port finish in that the flavors are less young ripe fruit and less obvious sweetness and the color is not the bold purplish red seen with many ruby port casked whiskies. This whisky is not at all syrupy or sugary as some fortified wine casked whiskies can be.

A warm and medium bodied whisky with a velvety mouth feel, this dram gets the salivary glands up to full speed in a hurry! I honestly had never added water to this whisky before preparing this tasting note as water is not needed at the appropriate, moderate 46% ABV at which The GlenDronach presents this expression. The addition of a few drops of water didn’t add anything as far as enhancement of aromas or flavors and there was certainly no need to soften the impact of the alcohol which was not the least bit overwhelming. Enjoy this dram neat, if you can find it. I’m on my second bottle and if I find it again for under $100 (USD) before tax, I will have a third bottle.