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Friday Night Drams: Another Fun Night!

Some reviews are still in development but a review of the Tullamore D.E.W. 14 Years can be found here.

Out and About: Empress of India Cocktail

The Empress of India cocktail at Veronica’s, Osprey Avenue, Sarasota, Florida

Old Forrester bourbon, blackberry brandy, 43 Liqueur and star anise over an ice ball with fresh blackberry garnish.

A sweet, fruity, fun beverage to share with the missus on a brunch day. The whisky is just strong enough to hold up against the liqueurs. The rye in the mash gives the bourbon a spice necessary for the cocktail to work. Don’t try this with a wheated bourbon. Props to bar manager and partner in Veronica’s, Mike Yoder, who dreamed up this really nice cocktail that he ages in a small oak barrel behind the bar.

Friday Night Drams - Bottle Kills:

These bottles were killed at one of Jeff’s recent Friday Night Drams tastings. A review of the Jura 10 Years can be found here, here for the Glen Deveron 16 Years, and for the Glen Scotia 15 Years American Oak here.

Friday Night Drams: Eclectic Mix

Some of the whiskies enjoyed by Jeff’s invited guests at one of his recent Friday night tastings. This tasting included The Game of Thrones themed “House Tully” The Singleton of Glendullan, the Glen Scotia Campbeltown, the Glen Keith Distillery Edition, and the Bunnahabhain 12 Years. Jeff has reviewed the Bunnahabhain 12 Years here as well as The Singleton of Glendullan (non Game of Thrones edition) here.

Out and About: Knappogue Castle 16 Years Sherry Cask

I was drawn to this bottle, a 16 years aged sherry casked expression that I’d never seen before. The citrus notes in the nose and palate that are the hallmark of this distillery’s whiskies are present, but are overwhelmed by the sherry cask influence of spice and dried fruit. It is very smooth and easy drinking, as are all of the expressions of Knappogue Castle which I have tasted to date. If you like a sherry bomb style of whisky, you will enjoy this dram. I personally would choose the 12 and 14 year old expressions over this one as I feel the sherry influence is just a wee too strong on this distillery’s gentle yet flavorful spirit.



Out and About: Glendronach Revival 15 Years

This is a lovely example of a Speyside whisky well matured (15 years) excoudively in Olorosso Sherry casks.  A dark spirit with a strong sweet sherry and oak aroma, spice and a dried fruity sweetness on the palate, with a finish that endures for a fair amount of time until the next sip is savored. At 46% ABV, this whisky can withstand a few drops of water, or even an ice cube, but it doesn’t need it. 



Out and About: Nikka Whisky, Single Malt, 45% ABV

This is a very nice whisky.  The nose is pleasantly oaky and malty, but gently so., making me think of second fill bourbon barrels.

It is very soft and smooth, with a lovely anise and vanilla spice that lingers gently on the finish. It's very hard for me to think of anything beyond the licorice and vanilla, though ultimately, I think there is a slightly creamy finish lingering as well. This whisky is a must taste. It will not be the best whisky you ever had, but it will be something you'll say, yes, that's a pretty nice whisky I tried once upon a time as an odd ball find. 


Friday Night Drams: West Cork Single Malt Irish Whiskey, aged 10 yrs, 40% ABV. 

This low ABV single malt whiskey is matured in former bourbon barrels. Lackluster neat, it opens up very nicely with some water, releasing malt and vanilla flavors and reducing the surprisingly strong alcohol vapor.  This bottle is obtained in Delaware for $38. A reasonably nice and easy drinking whiskey, but it will not replace Knappogue Castle or Red Breast at the top of my list of favorite Irish single malts. The funny thing about the label is that it indicates it is made from the finest hand selected ingredients. The ingredients can only be barley, water and yeast!


Friday Night Drams: Signatory Glenlivet 1995, aged 19 years in First Fill Sherry butts, 58.3 ABV, Natural color!

Screaming sherry bomb! Smooth as silk, light spice, plenty of cream and surprisingly little alcohol drinking it neat! Lovely whisky!


Friday Night Drams: Macallan Flight

Jeff hosts tastings most Friday evenings with friends and other whisky aficionados.  We call these tastings the Friday Night Drams. On Friday, 07 July, Jefftreated his guests to a Macallan theme. Jeff was most interested in others' thoughts with respect to the Gordon & MacPhail Speymalt 1998. The grouptasted it alone and then side-by-side with the Macallan 18 Years from the distillery. Jeff'sperspective is that the Macallan 18 is a superior whiskey, but hecan see that the price point of the distillery spirit enhances the value of the private labeling. Jeff's guests opined that he is too critical of the Gordon & MacPhail productand as they really liked it. See the tasting notes to be posted soon at Jeffrey Scott Whisky.


Out and About: Jura Diurach's Own 16 Years, 40% ABV

Jura is a classic island malt whisky, typically with a peaty, briny and/or oily undertone to go with a warm spicy finish. Not this one. This is the first time I ever did really taste chocolate in a whisky. The cynic in me often mocks such tasting notes, but there it was on the first sip, dark chocolate front and center. Not much of the typical Jura character at all. I couldn't do a full review because I was tasting at duty free, maybe 8 to 10 ml, but that chocolate revelation was worth sharing. The price was 59 British pounds. 


Out and About: Glencadam Origin 1825 40% ABV

Color: a pale, yellow, soft and light, the color of straw. Nose: the alcohol of this light ABV whisky is surprisingly very forward on the nose, but a subtle citrusy, floweryaroma cuts through quickly enough. Palate is creamy, with citrusy flavors flowing through by the time this dram is over your tongue. While pretty smooth going down, it takes a surprisingly good while for the alcohol to dissipate, leaving a soft pineapple whip like flavor lingering on the tongue which is followed by a soft maltiness, with a very light bit of spice being the last thing to leave the tongue. A surprisingly good, inexpensively priced whisky which definitely should be tried.