Glen Scotia Aged 15 Years in American Oak Barrels

46% ABV

Color: amber. However, until told otherwise, the color is caramel enhanced and I would wish to see it before color is added (it is a 15 year old, after all). 

Nose: gentle sweet anise and cereal before adding a bit of water. Add gingery sweetness after. 

Palate and finish: after a few drops of water, an almost creamy mouth feel, with a bit of citrus zest, perhaps even candied pineapple to go with a gentle oily briny feel with lightly charred or toasted oak notes which endure with a modest amount of alcohol through a long finish. The finish feels more oaky for some time. 

The non-chill filtering of this whisky is apparent. It had legs in the glass even after adding a wee bit of water. The alcohol level is just right and I enjoy. the oiliness and briny influences typical of a Campbeltown. In my mind, this is a throwback whisky, very masculine and broad shouldered, without the more complicated flavors of whiskies with finishes or wine cask maturation.