Bruichladdich 2009 Islay Barley

Aged 6 years.
Non chill filtered.
No color added.

Color: a mellow, pale yellow. More like a dried hay than a gold.

Nose: floral, malty and sweet with a hint of spice, fresh late summer fruit like crisp apple and pear with a healthy burst of EtOH. A very complex aroma that is enticing in every way.

Palate: lightly salty/briny from sea air, with those flavors competing with the honey, vanilla and rich malt flavors for influence. A little burn on the tongue from the higher ABV before adding water.

Finish: medium to short. Flavors of the honey and vanilla bean endure for a few minutes, longer if there have been added a few drops of cool water.

Great whisky to taste with a piece of milk or dark chocolate. For my personal palate, peated whiskies are for cold days. This unpeated Islay is a dram to be enjoyed at any time and it will complement any type of meal. The Bruichladdich Distillery produces a wide range of whiskies, from younger to well aged, heavily peated to unpeated. All expressions share one theme: consistently high quality whisky. This 6 years young expression is no exception and very flavorful despite its relative lack of maturity.