Springbank 1992 Cask No. 326 Aged 21 Years, 51.6% ABV

Distilled 18th December 1992, Bottled March 2014

Color: Rich yellow, the color of a nice Pilsner. 

Nose: grassy,  perhaps some orangy or lemony citrus zest, and a wee bit of alcohol. A sweet scent at the end, like a melted, crisped sugar atop a creme brûlée. Adding two drops of water really opened up the spirit,  heightening the citrus and sugary aromas and greatly reducing the alcohol appreciated before.

Neat, the dram should be poured directly onto the middle of the tongue and let sit for a few seconds to allow the alcohol to evaporate; if poured onto the front of the tongue, it'll burn a bit. With the 2 drops of water added, a citrusy sweetness is the first thing appreciated, followed by a creamy ginger spice that lingers gently on the palate with a slight maltiness at the finish. This dram will have you salivating, ready for a next sip or a bite of something to eat for dessert.

Both the nose and the palate tell one that this a bourbon casked whisky, perhaps a first fill. I am admittedly a fan of Campbelltown whiskies and this particular dram is another fine example of how Springbank doesn't disappoint.