Glenfiddich IPA Cask. NAS, 43% ABV

Color: medium amber. 

Nose: somewhat floral, hoppy and oaky at the end. 

This is an alarmingly simple review. Why? Because this whisky is very hard to describe, though easy to drink. Glenfiddich worked with a craft brewer in the Speyside region to create the ale they wanted to condition the casks into which the malt master would finish aging the whisky, which was in the IPA conditioned barrels for a relatively short time (12 weeks). Knowing that it is aged in IPA casks, I was expecting a bit more hop flavor than I experienced from this whisky. However, I believe my expectation may have been associated with the higher hop levels in many American IPAs as compared with British brews. There is a light, citrus fruitiness, a slight maltiness, and a mild spiciness lingering on the palate. 

I really am at a loss to say much more other than it is a decidedly different whisky and that I like it, but cannot really wrap my thoughts or words around this pleasant, oddball whisky. It is definitely worth purchasing and pouring for friends with an appreciation of the differences in how taste can vary in different whiskies as this is definitely not your father's Glenfiddich.