Hellyers Road Distillery Original Roaring Forty Single Malt Whisky NAS (Tasmania, Australia)

40% ABV, 2.5 times distilled, aged in charred American white oak casks and non chill filtered. Light strawcolored, with hints of citrus and butterscotch on the nose without much alcohol. Some vanilla toffee forward on the sip, yielding to a gentle spiciness and citrus zest that lingers gently for a short time on the tongue.

The whisky is nice, but just a little light on flavor, though persons who enjoy lowland and Irish malt whiskies should enjoy this well enough. Don't add more than a few small drops of water as you don't want to weaken the whisky - it cannot take any more dilution than 2 or 3 drops in a dram, which expands the aromas and brings out the oak and sweetness a bit more on the palate. 

My constructive critique would include that the whisky be bottled at 43% ABV and aged a tad longer to embolden the spirit.