Nikka Pure Malt .5L

Color: medium amber. 

Nose: extremely mild. No EtOH, just a soft citrus aroma with perhaps a hint of butterscotch toffee. The addition of a few drops of water released the citrus and sweetness on the nose a surprisingly good deal. 

First sip: a toffee sweetness that quickly yields to a citrus zest with flavor lingering nicely on the tongue for a very short time. No burn whatsoever. I'd compare it to Dalwhnnie, but nor as strong a flavor, nor overtly butterscotch. Definitely a strong citrus influence. The addition of a few drops of water bring out the same flavors a bit, but does not change the character of the whisky. 

This is a nice, pleasant whisky, incredibly soft and easy to drink, but nothing particularly stands out about it.