Bowmore 15 Years, The Darkest

Color: a deep, caramel hued amber.

The nose is full of light peat smoke, tobacco, allspice, and dry olorosso sherried oak. The wafts of alcohol disperse quickly.

Dried sour cherries, dry red wine braised basque pear and citrus zest briefly appear, yielding to allspice, cardamom, tobacco and oak tannin.

The finish is of medium duration and the citrus zest and brown spices from the sherry cask finishing ride out the dram.

This bottle had lasted us for about 2 years and tasting notes were never prepared before there remained only 2 small pours left in the bottle. One can’t help but think a new bottle will be a tad livelier, so now to find its replacement, so a newly opened bottle can be compared with the notes of the remnants of this old bottle.