Wigle Pennsylvania Organic Bourbon Whiskey 46% ABV, Batch #18, Aged 2 Years

Color: a rich, deep, coppery amber.

Nose: sweet and spicy. Cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, maple syrup and fresh oak.

Light mouth feel, lots of cinnamon and oak up front. Maple syrup, vanilla follow and cocoa powder lingers for a while on the tongue, leaving something of a cherry fruity flavor to go to the finish, which I’d call medium in length and soft.

Wigle’s website indicates this whiskey is made from, “local organic yellow dent corn, organic soft winter wheat, and organic malted barley.” I was a little surprised about the absence of rye as some of the spice and sweetness is dry, reminiscent of a small amount of rye in a mash bill. Some modest complexity in this 2 year old whiskey. All in all, this is a nice bourbon that should appeal to both wheat and rye mash fans as there is enough spice to please everyone. At a price point of $55 to $65, one may suggest that one can do better for the buck, but this is a nice whiskey and one maybe happy to pay a little more to support local agricultural and organic sourcing as Wigle does.