Maker's Mark Private Select

Maker's Mark is a fine bourbon. Damned good whisky by any standard. And true to the founders' Scottish heritage, whisky from this distillery is spelled without an "e." 

My daughter was craving barbecue for dinner and I had a hankering to go along with the BBQ idea. Scotch whisky is my preferred dram most times, but bourbon goes best with barbecue and I'd been itching to try this bottle which I bought in June for a few weeks now. Well, this 55.5 ABV version is top shelf and did not disappoint! 

A deep, rich caramel color with a smooth and sweet flavor, no burn notwithstanding the high ABV, and plenty of classic sweet fresh oak bourbon flavor, which is bolstered with oak staves in the virgin American oak barrel for this expression. This dram easily stands up to  smoked meat and tomato and vinegar based sauce. The finish was nice, with sweet vanilla lasting on the tongue, ended only by the next taste of succulent pork spare ribs with sauce. 

For anyone who hasn't experienced Maker's Mark, but wants to try a serious bourbon at a reasonable price (@ $50-55), I'd recommend skipping the classic flagship edition and go straight to the Private Select. This is a very good example of what bourbon is supposed to be! I prefer bourbon on the rocks and had about 5 smallish ice cubes in the heavy pour.