The Singleton of Glendullan Master's Art, Finished in Muscat Cask Wood, 40% ABV, NAS Travel Retail

I had enjoyed a lovely meal, cleaned up after dinner (as I did not cook), and been reading on my deck enjoying a pleasant but slightly cool spring evening. I decided that the perfect way to finish the evening would be with a dram. I decided to break out this bottle of a small batch production from the Singleton of Glendullan. The Whisky Wife had been in the UK for work lat year and had been feeling rather wracked with guilt over a mishap with the car that occurred right before her trip. This bottle was part of the apology bounty.

The Muscat cask finish is decidedly different than any of the more traditional dessert wine finishes (Sherry, Port, Sauternes).  This batch was bottled in 2015.   The color is a rich, full amber, a cross between strawberry blonde and red. The nose is very light, though somewhat sweet and fruity, with just a hint of oak.

This is a light to medium bodied, delightful fruit bomb, which is quite enjoyable if this is what you are in the mood to drink. After the apricot like sweetness has lingered for a fair time, it leaves a slightly sour but pleasant flavor which yields to a mild spice toward the back of the tongue. The spice is reminiscent of vanilla bean and anise. (No, I have not had too many). The spice gradually fades, leaving a pleasant, sweet flavor lingering in the mouth. 

I have attached photographs of the bottle and packaging so that you can see what the whisky maker was thinking. Ms. Robinson , the malt master, suggests depth to this whisky that I am not appreciating. However, this is not important in my view given my perception of this whisky as a dessert treat, but I otherwise agree with her commentary. If you are traveling and you see this bottle, I would say it is definitely worth a go. It is a dessert whisky, better served with a ginger snap or a spiced wafer for a contrasting yet complimentary pairing than with chocolate. I am confident it will be enjoyed.

Slainte Mhath!