Mortlach Rare Old

The packaging is imposing, a sturdy brown box houses a sturdier, broad shouldered rectangular clear glass bottle. I opened it and poured a short dram of this very rich amber spirit into a Glencairn glass, neat.

The nose was big, as was everything about this whisky, with spice predominating over the pleasant wood aroma that aged into the whisky. The initial taste is strong, but with flavor, not alcohol, with the spice and casking boldly forward and a pleasant almost sweet flavor lingering on the tongue.

This whisky is for sipping so one can fully appreciate its lingering flavor which is pleasant and lasting.  There is a lot going on in there and it is easy to understand why the Mortlach brand is called "The Beast of Dufftown." I drank most of the whisky neat, adding a drop of water into a small remainder. Some will like how the whisky opens up with the addition of the water, and it does smooth out a bit, but I think I prefer this whisky neat. 

At approximately $100 a bottle, it is not an everyday drinking whisky, but more of a treat for oneself.