World Whisky Day 2019: 1992 GlenAllachie, single cask at 56.7% ABV

Celebrating WWD with a Lombard Jewels of Scotland 25 years aged independent bottling of 1992 GlenAllachie, single cask at 56.7% ABV. 

The color is a bright gold in the bottle, yet only pale lager gold in the glass. 

While alcohol is strong on the nose, hints of cereal and honey still come through.  Adding a few drops of water helps pineapple citrus notes come out and accentuates the cereal and honey. 

On the palate, cereal and mild wildflower honey predominate until adding some water, which brings out vanilla, white pepper and a trace of fennel.  

The mouth feel is crisp and dry.

The finish is fairly long with the sweetness and spice remaining on the tongue for several minutes. 

When I first tasted this whisky, I didn’t really like it that much. It was a disappointment neat, but it grew on me as I added a small amount of water. It is a nice whisky, but  for a 25-year-old single cask, cask strength, non chill filtered whisky, surprisingly subtle, suggestive of a refill ex-bourbon cask (as I would expect much more bold flavors and color from a first fill ex-bourbon cask). I’ve come to like the whisky, as suggested by the fact that the bottle is only 1/3 full, but for an investment of $275 (USD) plus sales tax, I question that I would buy it again. A good, but not great dram.