Springbank Distillery Visit (2018)

Springbank aims for between 12 and 15 ppm phenol in their maltings. For Longrow, it is about 45 to 50 ppms. Presently, the malting floor at Springbank is providing 100% of the malted barley for all of the Mitchell properties, being Springbank, Hazelburn, Longrow, and Glengyle/Kilkerran.

Fascinating to note, as shown in the photos taken, there is no cupola (pagoda style vent top) atop the malting floor chimney at Springbank distillery.

This distillery is in the heart of the “city” of Campbeltown. No bucolic setting. No shiny visitor center. Just down to earth making and aging great whiskies.

The distillery shop too was simple, but well stocked with distillery themed items to purchase (such as candles, clothing, candy and basic range whiskies, with more interesting whiskies and items for purchase a few blocks away at the Cadenhead’s shop, where we had to go pay for the whisky we bottled in the warehouse. The Cadenhead’s barrel tasting in the warehouse on site at Springbank was an awesome experience and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.